Bi-metal castings

Bi-metal castings

This technology combines different casting materials within a single product. The various melts are poured one after another into different sections of the mold. They then solidify together. A firm bond forms between the different casting zones. This method meets in full the requirement to have different materials in different sections of the same casting, and avoids the need for compromise.

For example, this technique is used to produce hammers for crushing plants, in which the heads are made from a highly wear-resistant VAUTID alloy, while a free-machining cast steel is used in the area of the shank and the eye.

This manufacturing process can also be used to modify weldable areas of white cast iron components, so they can be assembled quickly and easily.

Thanks to the high level of automation and modern production techniques used in their manufacture, VAUTID composite castings offer an economical high-end solution for serial production parts that have to meet complex challenges.

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