VAUTID VVP composite wear plates

Can be fitted individually — and extremely durable

VAUTID composite wear plates are an efficient, use-anywhere solution, which make extended service lifetimes on high-wear surfaces a reality. A natural development of our ASW hardfacing welding products, they are ideal for protecting larger areas or overcoming wear problems in self-supporting fabrications and plant components. Produced by an efficient and economical manufacturing process, and entirely compatible with our range of hardfacing welding consumables and cast products, VAUTID composite wear plates are an important building block in our custom-made system solutions.

They comprise steel plates with a hard surface produced using highly wear-resistant VAUTID welding consumables. The overlay on VAUTID composite wear plates is produced on automatic welding machines, using a special metal arc welding process.

The high energy input used in this procedure ensures a secure bond between the base plate and the hard layer. Furthermore, this weld procedure guarantees minimal blending between the base material and the welding consumable, thereby ensuring that distinct, strong carbides form at every level in the overlay. This means that genuine VAUTID composite wear plates deliver consistent, long-term wear protection through the full cross-section of the hard layer.
They are subsequently rolled on a plate straightening machine. This operation ensures that VAUTID armored composite wear plates are flat and low in stress, and can be worked on without further preparation.

VAUTID composite wear plates are available in various combinations of material, strengths and shapes. An overview of our product range can be found in the Media center. VAUTID composite wear plates can be supplied in whatever form you need; whether it’s complex steel fabrications or just materials cut to drawing, VAUTID’s fabrication department will be delighted to receive your enquiry.

VAUTID has an unlimited range of products:
because as well as our standard VVP range, we also supply custom shapes and sizes.