VAUTID is fighting infringing information on the internet

VAUTID is fighting infringing information on the internet

by Connor Cong, Eric Pan

With the emergence of the epidemic and the rinsing cost of raw materials, all industries have been severely challenged, and the wear-resistant materials industry in which the VAUTID brand operates is certainly no exception. In this environment, the VAUTID brand has not only withstood the impact, but has also achieved a steady increase in sales. All this is due to the consistent quality and excellent performance of VAUTID products, as well as the recognition and trust of customers and users of the VAUTID brand.

However, on the basis of this, some companies have appeared on the market and on the internet, posing as agents of the VAUTID brand, using unauthorised photos and publishing information about the products, and even producing and selling counterfeits. This has not only seriously disturbed the confidence of many users in the VAUTID brand, but also constitutes an infringement of the VAUTID brand.

In order to protect the rights and interests of our customers and users, and to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the misuse of counterfeit products, our company has launched a special operation to combat non-authorised agents. After a preliminary investigation, we identified a list of companies that had used unauthorised photos and published infringing information on the internet. We contacted these companies and asked them to stop the infringing behaviour and remove the relevant infringing photos and information posted on the internet. After much effort, the action against unauthorised agents has achieved a phased effect. We will continue to keep an eye on infringing acts in the market and on the internet. Once found, we will deal with them seriously and reserve the right to pursue the legal responsibility of the relevant infringing parties.

The VAUTID Group, with its global headquarter in Stuttgart, Germany, was founded in 1945 by Dr. Hans Wahl. The Group manufactures wear protection products at eleven subsidiaries around the world. These products include deposition welding materials, wear protection plates and wear – resistant cast components. Industries served include cement, power, mining, steel, recycling and machine building. VAUTID has built a network of production sites and service locations across five continents. This enables the business to offer the same consistently high standards to OEM customers around the world, providing solutions to ensure that plant and equipment which is subject to abrasion continues to run smoothly. VAUTID (Shanghai) Wear Resistant Material Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 as a wholly owned subsidiary of VAUTID GmbH, which is exclusively responsible for the sales and service of VAUTID products in China.

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