Market Expansion in South America

Market Expansion in South America

VAUTID with new location in Colombia

In its role as market leader in industrial wear protection VAUTID identified quite early the potential of the market in Latin America. VAUTID started the business about 25 years ago with distributors in Central- and Middle America.

In use of the “close to the customer” strategy and to care for a better support of our customers, VAUTID LATAM was founded in 2016 in Ecuador. The main fields of action apart from the home market Ecuador are Mexico and Peru with focus on the increasing business in the mining and cement industry.

In 2019 due to a strong market increase in Colombia VAUTID founded an additional new subsidiary VAUTID LATAM CO in Bogota/ Colombia, working for the market in Colombia with additional personnel.

The Know How and technical Innovation in the cement industry (wear protection and refurbishment of milling Equipment) are now transferred from VAUTID LATAM to the new markets and subsidiaries. In particualr the in-situ rebuilding on-site at the cement plants are on Focus, which offers a fast and cost-saving maintenance and repair opportunity to the customer.

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