VAUTID GROUP and UP GROUP join forces to create world-leading wear protection business

The merger of VAUTID GROUP and UP GROUP, which came into effect on 26th February 2020, has created a global leader in the wear protection industry.

UP GROUP is Asia’s premier manufacturer of products and materials for tackling steel surface abrasion, whether caused by abrasion, impact, heat, or chemical attack. Based in Taiwan, UP GROUP works with customers in every industry that faces these challenges. The company’s products are manufactured in Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Vietnam, and are exported to over 30 countries around the world. The range extends from individual wear plates marketed under the UP Plate brand to fabrications weighing up to 60 tons each, which the company produces in its own facilities. As part of its service operation, the UP GROUP produces or refurbishes over a thousand grinding rolls every year.

VAUTID is headquartered at Ostfildern, near Stuttgart in Germany. The company manufactures wear protection products at ten subsidiaries around the world. These products include deposition welding materials, wear protection plates and wear-resistant cast components. Industries served include cement, mining, energy, recycling and machine building. VAUTID has built a network of production sites and service locations across five continents. This enables the business to offer the same consistently high standards to OEM customers around the world, providing solutions to ensure that plant and equipment which is subject to abrasion continues to run smoothly.

The new Group will continue to operate under the same two brand names. It has a combined capability that caters for every need. With an annual production of 200,000 m² of wear resistant plates, 11,000 tons of deposition welding materials and 6,500 tons of steel/wear-resistant fabrications, plus a further 2,000 tons of refurbishment weld overly and over 2,000 tons of wear-resistant casting capacity, the Group has a comprehensive array of high-quality capabilities to meet the needs of target customers right around the world. The aim of the merger is to strenghten their leading positions in the global OEM market, to expand business with major end customers, and to offer an optimal, consistent service to customers worldwide.

With this in mind the new Group will be expanding its regional production and service capabilities, increasing the added value they create, and optimizing the processes and products which lie behind them. The management of both Groups are convinced that this will serve to increase existing customer loyalty and to attract new clients. The new Group has over 800 employees around the world, all working to make this venture a success.

”We are delighted that our brand portfolio now includes VAUTID, a name with a 75-year reputation in wear protection”, said Frank Lin, CEO of UP GROUP. ”The newly formed Group has a global presence that will enable us to offer our customers even better service, and allow us to target positive synergies that stretch far beyond simply adding capacity”.

Dr. Udo Scheer, Managing Director of VAUTID commented: ”It’s extremely rare that two companies complement each other to this extent, each having very similar concepts with regard to quality and service yet no overlap in terms of customer base. We are looking forward to this collaboration, and to serving our customers even better in the future.”

The combined experience of VAUTID GROUP and UP GROUP in the wear resistance field extends to well over 100 years. UP GROUP was founded in Taiwan in 1989, and can look back over 30 years of achievements. Meanwhile, in 2020 VAUTID celebrates the 75th anniversary of its own establishment. UP and VAUTID provide truly global coverage, with production plants, service centers and R&D facilities employing 800 staff at locations in the Far East, South-East Asia, India, Europe, North America and South America. The Group provides solutions to optimize plant and equipment affected by wear, serving OEMs and end customers in a wide range of industries including cement, mining, energy, recycling, and machine building. The company websites and offer many examples of the Group’s products and services and also provide local contact details.

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