Best abrasion protection for horizontal and vertical welds (positions PC and PF)

With VAUTID high wear-resistance hardfacing welding consumables, the emphasis is on maximizing service life. Other properties, such as metal flow characteristics and the welding positions that these permit, are secondary to this overall objective.

However, if you need a wear-resistant welding consumable for special positions, then VAUTID 105 is the ideal choice. All VAUTID welding consumables are basically well suited to welding in positions PA and PB — but this alloy can also be used when welding in positions PC and PF.

Recommended applications:

  • For producing abrasion-resistant layers in welding positions PC and PF.
VAUTID material profile:
VAUTID ASW Auftragschweißwerkstoffe/Hardfacing welding consumables
VAUTID Hardfacing welding consumables
VAUTID material profile

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